FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Network)

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What is this?

This site provides you personal Fast Artificial Neural Networks for your Artificial Intelligence (AI) related projects.

How does it work?

  1. Please click on

    The system will create an unique identifier that you will need to annotate carefully if you want to return to that account.
  2. Configure your network (this only can be done once)
    • Set the network type (at the moment, we provide "standard" network, but in the future we can include more types, if there is demand for them)
    • The number of input neurons
    • The number of output neurons
  3. Train your network! You are going to need a database of inputs and outputs. Please be patient, because depending on the number of cases to train, the network can take more or less time to be trained.
  4. Once the network is trained, test your network by querying it with an input.
    Querying your network can be accessed through API too, so you can integrate your trained network within your projects.

How much does this service cost?

This site uses credits to query your network.
Currently, processing 1 query costs 100 credits.

What payment methods are supported?

This is a pay-as-you-go service. We are using cryptomining to accumulate credits into your account for now.
We are using CoinHive system which cryptomine Monero coins. It requires either adding domain to the white list of the AdBlock plug-in of your web browser, or temporary disable your AdBlock plug-in.
When opening your account, you will be asked that your computer will do complex calculations. Please grant the site to do that, so you will start to accumulate the credits you are going to need for processing queries.
Depending on the speed of your equipment, you will earn credits faster or open your account in several computers to earn credits even faster.

Why is it important?

Making run a service in a computer implies maintenance, electricity, equipment, infrastructure, and some other hidden costs.

Why are we using cryptomining?

Instead of asking you to pay with your credit card or integrating annoying ads in our web services, we prefer to use for a while the power of your computer for cryptocurrency mining.

Can cryptomining harm my computer?

No, it cannot! All computers, laptops, cellphones, etc. have been manufacturer for large and complex calculations running for long periods of time, and they are ready and smart enough to avoid self-burning because working 100% for some minutes. Even playing a movie or a game can take even make a computer to run busy at 100%! There is a lot of misinformation in the mass media regarding cryptomining.
However, it is true some bad people have used web cryptomining without the consent of the users, and that is what made web cryptomining to look like a bad thing.


Please do not hesitate to put in contact with us for further information.

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